Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for character of a person, and culture.

It seems that there are always choices in life, however, without investing in time, all ideas remain just ideas. People like to say that the past and future are held within our own hands, yet we are never capable of understanding the richness of life. Living in the time crack, we never understand how exactly art becomes art, and are often surprised by the beautiful spatial imaginations created by the so-called “life guru” from local and abroad. Maybe, what we can do or think of today will never be enough, or we are too lazy to even start today. NOT TODAY. However, if we do not do it today, maybe we will always be looking for shortcuts, or lament the loss of today.

This magazine focuses on “space”, inviting those with passion and creativity in space to partake; what it really tries to convey is the relationship between space and people. We dwell in here, trying to open every single door, and enjoy the fun of visiting.